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Heaven's Prayer Link Ministry

Prayer is the key to unlock the doors of heaven and most of all touch the heart of God!  A little bending of the knee, a little folding of the hands as you claps them against your heart, (a sign of humbleness-respect and sincerity). Praise and thank him as you enter into his courts, his presence. Pour out your heart in prayer, your inner most thoughts, heart felt desires and needs to God. When you end your prayer; leave with a heart of praise, thanksgiving, and confidence knowing he heard you and that you have the answer to your prayer(s).

We would like to help you and assist you by praying with you, believing with you for God's answer; and to help enrich your prayer life.  Leave us a praise report or testimony of what the Lord has done for you; how God has bless you and answered your prayer. If you would like us to pray and believe with you; Leave a prayer request, be specific that when God answers, you will know your prayer was answered. There is power in sharing prayers, our Lord Jesus said it best: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20 You and I are two, with Jesus we are three; therefore God is with us in our prayers, and wow what an awesome team!

Please leave us your truthful testimony of what God has done for you
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